Manovrimi i Mallrave të Gjatë

  • Autoland, Romania

    Autoland, Romania

    Autoland chose Dexion as supplier both due the flexibility of their complete storage range and their shared efforts in conserving the environment. Both companies share a goal in reducing waste and have taken various actions to actively promote this goal.

  • Cordes & Graefe, Germany - Case Study

    Cordes & Graefe, Germany

    A new tailor-made warehouse solution for Cordes & Graefe Osnabrück KG offers a highly efficient warehouse with 24/7 delivery.

  • Long goods handling - Constructor Reference: Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

    Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

    Due to an increase in demand on Funen & Zealand, Davidsen built three new warehouses of a total of 6000 square meters in Odense.

  • Delta Engineering, Romania

    Delta Engineering, Romania

    Delta Engineering is active in Europe and America and is a major player of the international blow moulding industry.

  • Emerson, Romania

    Emerson, Romania

    Emerson is a worldwide leader in a wide range of industries combining industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio of products and services.

  • The Light Duty Cantilever option was ideal for Kawneer.

    Kawneer, Netherlands

    The natural solution for the new Kawneer facility was Dexion Cantilever racking – with a twist: each of the arms of the cantilever racks would be covered with soft foam and the ends of the arms would have a terminal pin.

  • Kodin Terra, Finland - Optim Shop Fitting, Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Kodin Terra, Finland

    Pallet racking and Optim shop fittings have proven to be an effective display idea for Kodin Terra's range of home furnishings, construction and garden products.

  • K-rauta - Pallet & Cantillever Racking, Shopp Fitting, Mesh - Constructor

    K-rauta, Finland

    Shop fittings and storage systems were essential requirements in their shop, storage and outdoor locations.

  • Mairon, Romania

    Mairon, Romania

    Mairon is the leader of the Romanian market for the distribution of metallurgical products having a network of nationwide warehouses and manufacturing utilities, designed with the principle: "One stop shop for steel".

  • Promod SA, Romania

    Promod SA, Romania

    Promod SA is a premium distributor of high quality branded electrical products.

  • Rexel, Germany

    Rexel, Germany

    Constructor has created space for the storage and order-picking of some 30.000 items And increasing order lines picked per day from 6.000 to 12.000.

  • Reference - Schneider Electric, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Schneider Electric, Sweden

    Schneider Electric is one of the worlds leading companies within energy effectivness. Turnover world wide is 20 billion euros and the group have 120,000 employees.

  • References - Cantilever racking - Constructor

    SEAS-NVE, Denmark

    SEAS-NVE was in lack of outdoor storage capacity and at the same time the company wanted to liberate space for other purposes.

  • Statoil Subsea, Norway

    Statoil Subsea, Norway

    Statoil, the Norwegian multinational oil and gas company, has recently installed Mobile cantilever racking for the storage of pipes at their warehouses at Vestbase, Norway.

  • Taparo, Romania

    Taparo, Romania

    Taparo manufactures high quality upholstered articles such as sofas and armchairs, in textile covers, leather and leather-look. Over 25 trucks of finished goods are delivered daily to major furniture stores.

  • Volkswagen Parts - Hi280 shelving narrow aisle, Mezzanine, Cantilever - Constructor Storage

    Volkswagen, Sweden

    We were pleased to help Volkswagen Parts Logistics with their new central warehouse in Scandinavia, which supplies parts for all models of the group.

  • Long goods handling, Rack for wood - XL Byg, Denmark - Constructor

    XL-Byg, Denmark

    In order to secure a more effective service for both professional workmen and do-it-yourself people, XL Byg needed some smart storage solutions.