Dexion supports the Green circular economy

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Dexion supports the Green circular economy

Within the EU waste hierarchy, Reuse is the second most important green action after Prevention. Dexion worked with Autoland, the second largest automotive recycler in the country, to improve storage of end of life cars. Promoting the reuse of parts prolongates the lifecycle of automotive components and helps decrease environmental pollution.

Autoland needed an experienced storage systems supplier that could supply an entire range of racking and shelving systems to cater for the company’s various storage needs.

The company had to store both small, medium and large car parts as well as entire car chassis in an orderly way, easy to view and handle, whilst keeping away from any damage.

The Solution

The provided system had to support Autoland in its efforts to reuse automotive parts and prolongate their lifespan. As much as 85% of an automotive vehicle can be reused and they needed an appropriate storage solutions for these components until they werebeing repurposed.

Autoland chose Dexion as supplier both due the flexibility of their complete storage range and their shared efforts in conserving the environment. Both companies share a goal in reducing waste and have taken various actions to actively promote this goal.

Both have been awarded with the ISO 14001 Enviromental Management Certificate, which highlights their successfull efforts in this direction.

Autoland, Romania

The racking offer included a complete range of Dexion products to fulfill Autoland’s specific needs for storing various components, from small parts to palletized packages and entire car chassis, before they were required for reuse.

For storing individual parts, Dexion’s Shelfplan Longspan shelving systems was the chosen solution, as it is capable of storing a range of sized goods including extremely large and heavy goods. The Shelfplan systems supplied was 2400mm in width and 1000mm in depth to allow for easy storage of even the most massive of parts.

For storing palletised goods, the Dexion P95+ racks were chosen with heights of 3000mm and 4000mm to allow for easy access and visibility of multiple components.

Full car chassis were stored on a Dexion Double Cantilever system, whose strong structure and powerful long arms, allow for the storage of extremely massive and heavy good. As the system was erected outside, a special “exterior” paint was used, to protect the steel structure from the effects of the environment: extreme sun, wind, snow and rain.

About Autoland

Autoland is the second largest dismantling car park in Romania, with two warehouses, one in Maramures and one in Cluj, totaling 4,000 m2 of storage and a car park which covers an area of 25,000 m2, with more than 100,000 auto parts, sorted by model and year of manufacturing.

Autoland has over 14 years experience in the field of auto dismantling and is certified with ISO 9001 - Quality Management and ISO 14001 - Environmental Protection.