Cordes & Graefe, Germany - Case Study

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Cordes & Graefe, Germany - Case Study

Twice daily Cordes & Graefe supplies its customers from their new central warehouse from Dütestraße in Osnabrück. Delivering JIT directly to construction sites across Germany are 65 lorries transporting goods each day.

Urgently needed goods can also be ordered around the clock 365 days a year via the GC ONLINEPLUS Service Shop and goods can also be collected 365 days a year around the clock at fixed collection points / depots at the so called “ABEX-Stores”.

The high levels of service, combined with such flexibility which C&G offer their customers, is only made possible due to their highly performing warehouse. A logistic solution, which is tailor-made for their needs. 

Cordes & Graefe Osnabrück KG belongs to GC-Group, which is a family run building technology wholesaler and supplier. For over 35 years Cordes & Graefe Osnabrück KG have been delivering wholesale building services, specialising in the field of heating, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, roofing technology as well as in the field of plumbing and sanitary installations across Northern Germany.

The product range encompasses more than 2 million different items, which are sourced from the worlds finest manufactures.


C&G’s guiding principles are to always remain very close to the customer, to be efficient, competent and reliable. Providing a 24/7, 365 days a year service, ensures they can react within the shortest time possible.  

C&G therefore wanted these principles to be reflected throughout their new customised logistic solution, within their new central warehouse in Dütestraße.

C&G therefore needed highly efficient processes, providing fast access and smooth picking processes within 26,000 m2 of warehouse space. Space for the storage and order-picking of some 40,000 different items of building materials had to be created in the warehouse, from small parts to palletised goods and plumbing systems requiring longer shelf spans. C&G wanted quick, easy access to goods, which would result in fast order picking.


Due to these specific requirements, Dexion recommended a tailor-made storage system, which would all together deliver a highly efficient performing warehouse.

Within this impressive 26,000 sq.m warehouse, a customised, future-proof solution was installed which ultimately saved space, while creating adequate locations for all 40,000 stored articles, which achieves a quick and seamless order picking process, and one which could be easily expanded in years to come.

The solution which Dexion supplied consisted of multiple solutions which were cleverly combined to compliment each other.

Within the small parts handling area 5,700 shelves of HI280 Multi-tier were installed, which covered an impressive 720 sqm. While a second  mezzanine floor was installed which complimented the 1st mezzanine solution which was designed for incoming goods only and covered an additional 221 sqm.

An incredible 27,838 pallet spaces were created using P90 Pallet Racking, which provided the ideal solution for the enormous portfolio of products they stored.  

In addition an incredible 499 cable drums in P90 Racking were installed so as they could conveniently store.

To complete this bespoke solution 2 blocks of MOVO, including 26 trolleys was installed, to allow C&G to comfortably  store longer goods.


  • Area total: 26.000 m²
  • Warehouse height: 12 m
  • Storage height: 9 m
  • Pallet storage: 27 838 pallet spaces
  • Mezzanine small parts warehouse: 5,700 shelves / 720sqm.
  • Mezzanine incoming goods area: 221sqm.
  • Stage construction: 221 m²
  • Cable drum rack: 499 Cable reels, ø 400 mm - 2200 mm
  • Racking-MOVO: 2 blocks, 26 trolleys