Dexion Mobile Pallet Racking Solutions - References

  • Agrimarket, Finland

    Agrimarket, Finland

    In DIY and hardware stores the size of products ranges from small items to large machinery. This is why the flexibility of shop fittings is important.

  • Bakker Transports, Netherlands

    Bakker Transports, Netherlands

    Bakker is an advanced (inter)national transport, storage and transshipment company for (conditioned) transport.

  • Pallet Racking, Hi280 Multi-Tier, Cantilever - EnergiMidt, Denmark - Constructor

    EnergiMidt, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company; their new 2,000m² warehouse required optimisation in every aspect.

  • Mobile Pallet Racking MOVO - FJ Industries, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    FJ Industries, Denmark

    FJ Industries consists of two divisions FJ Sinter Metal and FJ Automotive so when they built a new 620m2 warehouse they wanted to obtain as many pallet places as possible”

  • Garden Trade, Belgium

    Garden Trade, Belgium

    Garden Trade’s chosen solution was manufactured, supplied and installed entirely by Dexion and included 3 blocks of MOVO Mobile pallet racking that provided around 5000 spaces for palletized goods.

  • Hennig Olsen Is AS - Mobile Pallet racking - Constructor

    Hennig Olsen Is AS, Norway

    Due to the need of additional storage capacity in their ice cream packaging warehouse a mobile racking solution was installed. This increased the number of pallet positions by 70%.

  • Hottlet, Belgium

    Hottlet, Belgium

    Hottlet stores frozen seafood from all over the world. Our mobile pallet racking helped achieve better utilization of the available space and to reduce running costs.

  • J&A Asian Foods Installs Mobile Pallet Racking

    J&A Asian Foods Installs Mobile Pallet Racking

    A mobile pallet racking was installed by J&A Asian Food to provid increased pallet locations within the freezer compartment, while reducing energy costs.

  • Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen required a solution to store their packaging materials before a new extension works could be started. MOVO provided the ideal solution.

  • Mooy Logistics, Netherlands - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor Storage

    Mooy Logistic, Netherlands

    Mooy Logistics B.V, a logistics services provider, specialising in transport and warehousing of fruit, vegetables, flowers and refrigerated products.

  • Dexion MOVO in warehouse Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk is world wide manufacturer and producer of medical products. This installation is unique and the first in Denmark to use MOVO Pallet Racking.

  • Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma has built new storage premises. Constructor Sweden has acted as a design partner in the project from start to finish and has then delivered the pallet racking for the entire warehouse.

  • Optibelt, Romania - Case Study

    Optibelt, Romania

    Dexion’s MOVO Mobile pallet racking was the recommended and chosen solution, as it combined high density storage while offering easy access to individual pallets.

  • Strømmes Reklame - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Strømmes Reklame AS, Norway

    When Strømmes Reklame needed more pallet places in their existing building, Mobile pallet racking provided 70% more space.

  • Swegon - Pallet Racking, MOVO, Shelving Systems - Constructor Storage

    Swegon, Sweden

    Swegon is a Constructor loyal customer and all storage products are supplied by Constructor. This includes our P90 pallet racking and our HI280 shelving system.