Dexion Pallet Racking Standard Aisle - References

  • References - Biltema Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema is a key Scandinavian supplier of miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine industry.

  • Bunzl Cleaning & Safety Supplies, Ireland

    Bunzl Cleaning & Safety Supplies, Ireland

    Bunzl has appointed Storage Systems Ltd to design, supply & install Dexion P-90 Pallet Racking for their new distribution warehouse in Fonthill Business Park, Clondalkin in South Dublin.

  • Coppens International, The Netherlands

    Coppens International, The Netherlands

    With Coppens new production facilities needing additional storage space, Dexion installed pallet racking and collaborated with a 3rd party fork lift supplier to ensure the best result was achieved.

  • Pallet Racking P90, Partition Cassette900 - Danske Fragtmænd - Constructor Storage

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Their logistics centre in Denmark is 106,000m2 and provides warehouse and administration services. Four warehouses have been supplied with our galvanised system.

  • DB Schenker Logistics - Constructor Solutions

    DB Schenker Logistics, Landvetter, Sweden

    Constructor was contacted due to a long lasting close teamwork and worked out a effective warehouse solutions for DB Schenker.

  • Dustin Sweden - Pallet racking P90 and Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor

    Dustin, Sweden

    Dustin is a leading supplier of computer goods in Sweden and Denmark. They needed to fit out a 20,000 m² logistics centre in Stockholm, so they contacted Constructor.

  • Pallet Racking, Hi280 Multi-Tier, Cantilever - EnergiMidt, Denmark - Constructor

    EnergiMidt, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company; their new 2,000m² warehouse required optimisation in every aspect.

  • Expert, Sweden - Constructor Reference

    Expert, Sweden

    Expert warehouse has a low grade of automation which opens up for traditional pallet racking, Constructor P90, in 10m height.

  • Handy Distribution, UK

    Handy Distribution, UK

    When Handy Distribution, the UK’s leading distributor of garden and landscaping machinery to trade outlets, decided to move to larger premises in Swindon, they approached Dexion asking for help to rack out their new warehouse.

  • Hansa Print, Finland - Pallet Flow & Push Back - Constructor

    Hansa Print, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Standard pallet racks, combined with shelving, has made it possible to both store bulk palletised goods and to carry out picking from the same pallet location.

  • Iittala Group, Finland - Pallet Racking - Constructor Pallet Handling

    Iittala Group, Finland

    This centre services global distribution of Iittala, who sell a range of cutlery, ceramics and gifts across Europe, Arabia, Japan and the USA.

  • Karl Heinz Dietrich (KHD)

    Karl Heinz Dietrich (KHD)

    KHD identified that they needed a high-quality, industrial racking solution, that could be delivered and installed quickly and which would be supported by a service team which would guarantee high maintainance levels and reliable spare parts.

  • Maritim As - Pallet racking, Shelving system & Mezzanine - Constructor

    Maritim AS, Norway

    Maritim are nautical chandlers and as their business grew they needed more space and spoke to us for assistance.

  • Ponsse Oy, Finland

    Ponsse Oy, Finland

    Constructor Finland installed 8 Tornado machines and Pallet Racking at Ponsse’s new logistic centre acting as central hub for spare parts and also responsible for supplying stock to a network of 150 international service teams providing maintenance and spare parts.

  • Profytodsd, The Netherlands

    Profytodsd, The Netherlands

    Thanks to a long working relationship with Profytodsd, Dexion understood the company's needs immediately. The P90 pallet sets were calculated to be strong enough to carry heavy IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and emergency doors and signage systems were placed throughout.

  • Scania, Belgium

    Scania, Belgium

    Over a number of years Dexion has supplied Scania’s worldwide distribution centre in Opglabbeek, near Genk, Belgium, with a mixture of racking & shelving, helping to make the best possible use of their warehouse space.

  • Seafield Logistics - Pallet racking P90 Silverline - Constructor

    Seafield Logisitcs, Great Britain

    When Seafield Logistics needed to add a further 50,000sqft facility to its operations in Aylesham, Kent they turned to Constructor to maximize their storage.

  • Staples, Germany

    Staples, Germany

    Staples is the world’s largest dealer of office equipment. Their German customer’s are supplied from an ultra modern distribution centre in Waldlaubersheim, we provided the storage equipment

  • Twentepoort Group, The Netherlands

    Twentepoort Group, The Netherlands

    Twentepoort Logistics had several locations based throughout The Netherlands. To increase their logistical response rate, they decided to streamline and centralise by building a highly efficient 3,0000 m2 central facility.

  • VDS Food – fresh and frozen food distribution

    VDS Food, Belgium

    Space optimization of ambient and freezer food store areas.

  • Verhoeven Grondverzetmachines, Netherlands

    Verhoeven Grondverzetmachines, Netherlands

    Having examined the scale of operation, the need for parts to be accessible and the space available Dexion’s solution was to install pallet racking with underpasses.