Dexion Storage Machines - TORNADO References

  • Amgen, Dublin, Ireland

    Amgen, Dublin, Ireland

    Storage Systems has been awarded the contract to supply and Install 3 no. Dexion Tornado Vertical Storage Machines to Amgen's Irish operation.

  • Berner Oy Finland - Storage Machines Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor Storage

    Berner Oy, Finland

    By investing in six Paternosters and one double Tornado picking errors decreased and batch picking allowed for quick and efficient picking.

  • Lift Systems TORNADO Storage Machine - Dani-tech, Denmark - Constructor

    Dani-tech, Denmark

    When Danitech had four Tornado machines installed it made a significant difference to their efficiency, control, working environment and safety precautions.

  • Danske Fragtmænd (DF) installs a Tornado

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Bauhaus wanted to significantly improve their delivery service by offering their customers next day deliveries for online orders to secure their continued growth.

  • Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil Ab, located in Gothenburg, has the mechanics' tools stored in an automatic Constructor Tornado storage machine.

  • Elektroskandia, Finland - Storage Machine Tornado & Paternoster - Constructor

    Elektroskandia, Finland

    Computer controlled storage and transfer systems have significantly improved the efficiency of product storage and picking.

  • H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

    H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

    At Kraatz two Tornado DTs were placed facing each other so they achieved the capacity of four Tornados in one picking point.

  • Lift systems TORNADO - Holger Christiansen, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    Holger Christiansen, Denmark

    Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision to build a central warehouse. This was specifically designed for our Double Tornado machines.

  • Koiviston Auto Oy, Lahti - Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor

    Koiviston Auto Oy, Finland

    For a new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto installed four new Paternosters and transferred five older units to sit with a Tornado machine.

  • LG Chem Polska Sp. Z o.o - Storage Machines TORNADO - Constructor

    LG Chem Polska Sp. Z o.o, Poland

    Simple, easy and more efficient storage system were required, to increase storage at an existing warehouse.

  • Pas Reform, Netherlands

    Pas Reform, Netherlands

    Our Office in the Netherlands installed two Tornado vertical lift storage machines, each with a height of 10 metres, for Pas Reform in the Netherlands, which resulted in a shelf storage area of 564m2 on a floor area of just ​​27m2.

  • Servistik  - Storage Machines Lift Systems TORNADO - Constructor

    Servistik AB, Sweden

    The warehouse has been restored and equipped with 6 large Tornado storage machines in addition to pallet racking P90 Silverline and traditional shelving system HI280.

  • Storage Machines Lift systems TORNADO - Stema Engineering, Denmark - Constructor

    Stema Engineering A/S, Denmark

    The TORNADO is placed in the production warehouse, against the wall to the storage warehouse.

  • Wipro, Romania - Case Study

    Wipro, Romania

    Wipro needed to store rubber gaskets that needed protecting from dust. It was also an important requirement for inventory levels of stock to be available in real time.