Signs and Labels - References

  • Domino's Pizza, Netherlands

    Domino's Pizza, Netherlands

    Domino's Pizza has its DC with 3 climates (freezer, cold store and dry) equipped with Dexion P90 pallet, drive-in and pallet flow racking, HI280 angled shelving and location signs.

  • Groenendijk Bedrijfsschoenen & -kleding, The Netherlands

    Groenendijk Bedrijfsschoenen & -kleding, The Netherlands

    Supplier of personal protective equipment, workwear and footwear for companies and institutions.

  • H.K.V. Ochten B.V., The Netherlands

    H.K.V. Ochten B.V., The Netherlands

    H.K.V. Ochten is a wholesaler of tools for businesses, such as clothing / BPM 's, road delineation, tools, repair & calibration and advertising & sign.

  • Score, The Netherlands

    Score, The Netherlands

    Score's DC is expanded by Dexion with HI280 shelving (prepared for flooring,), P90 pallet racking of 7m. high and ergonomic packing tables with a melamine layer.

  • Worldpack Trading BV, Netherlands

    Worldpack Trading BV, Netherlands

    World Pack Trading BV is the specialist when it comes to the packaging of your product. A bag, gift box, garment bag or something completely different, the packaging is something special. It is not only functional, it ensures that your name and logo go around the world.